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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a wave of violent protests in lebanon after the powerful blast that killed at least eight including a top security official. the opposition calls for an indefinite strike while the army reportedly falls on demonstrators here in live pictures from the center of the capital beirut live reaction on the developments there shortly here in. the under siege stronghold of gadhafi supporters in libya faces an assault by militias the country still gripped by chaos a year off to the west and for the. tens of thousands marched through london to show of anger against austerity sweeping europe.
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from a new center here in central moscow international news. lebanon is engulfed in protests triggered by the death of a top security official in friday's bombing in the capital some rallies have turned violent with two people reportedly injured after the army opened fire in one of the roads blocked with burning tires the opposition has called for an indefinite strike and for the government to be dissolved well live to our correspondent there in the region of the blast seems to not only a part of beirut but the whole country with protests showing no sign of abating what's going on then. was a matter of fact it looks like it's only if there are only just starting of course you have mentioned there is that major rally going down in the capital of beirut
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but in fact the rallies the protest marches have been carried out in the entire country in every single. a looks like almost every single village and town starting from last night until this morning and then the intensified of course towards the evening we do know that there is thousands of people out in the martyr square in beirut of course very heavy police presence there as well earlier in the there were reports of clashes between not the clashes but rather of police firing rounds and absolutely looks like. the protesters in. and in town in the east of the roots there are also reports coming in that it's in the town of tripoli . that there there is an intensifying gunfire there is well there have been armed men in civil clothing on the streets yesterday and today from the morning so it does look like there is a lot of a lot of really build up angsty among the protesters now one of the demanding well first of all these protests initially were every action to friday's bombing which
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took the lives of eight people among them happened to be a man who was the head of intelligence for the police top security official he was among the dead and he just happened to be one of the most. regime of syrian president bashar al assad and so now those tools so now the supporters of this particular man now they are taking out to the streets they're also calling. for. retaliation against syria they're asking they're calling for the u.n. security. forces. in syria and lebanon and of course they're also expressing their anger at the fact that a terrorist attack this happened in the city i'll have to minister. for eight years a lot of built up. now it looks like that which. went off and. yesterday afternoon actually as this are fire there have
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been calls for not just that it's. arends so. or so. praying at that's course if we know. if history is any indication of what happens when some sort of a spring happens in the middle east it looks like we may be in for a rather hot fall here starting with beirut. thanks very much indeed a ridiculous because i live from tel aviv well let's not go to beirut and she's a writer and political analyst covering the middle east also c.e.o. so she gets into these college in oxford university when you will there in the city how would you assess the situation the moment all many responding to the opposition's call for more on these. through what i can gather and you know watching blanket coverage of this on various lebanese channels from different political leanings i you know the rallies have not been huge you have some
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interesting phenomena i think is one for incident but it is that you have you have christian extremists lined up with islamist extremists in some of these rallies and you know the march for movement now contains a sort of radical to the whole spectrum from radicals to to to extremist christian perspective so you have such a mishmash of people coming together. they don't seem to be pretty big today but as you pointed out the more the more disturbing thing is is the weapons that are on prominent display in a number of cities throughout lebanon and even in the capital and as one one spanish reporter pointed out that you're actually seeing these people wearing uniforms as well despite what you're saying there seems to be nevertheless a united element in all of this we're seeing roads being blocked the burning of
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time also there seems to be a big call for the government to quit. what do you make of that. what lebanon is you know it's slipped it always has been between two political sides in general and in this case that is it's not the lebanese public at large it is one political faction the is commonly referred to as march fourteenth has sort of you know almost in the immediate aftermath of the bombing yesterday started pointing fingers at you know very prominent suspects and and and it's their supporters who are taking to the streets and this is very much you know a lebanese reaction and one of those one of those suspects is of course the syrian government some lebanese politicians are blaming the syrian government for this atrocity hell feasible is it that president assad would actually provoke his neighbor like that bearing in mind the problems he's got in his own country you know it look from my perspective it's not very feasible and it wasn't very feasible that. the president assad was responsible for the assassination of rafik hariri in
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two thousand and five either but in lebanon that's not how it plays out you know normal situation people would wait for an investigation get at least a little bit of evidence on the way before making at these allegations in lebanon political parties jump on the bandwagon and start to use these things to their advantage even if it's one of their own figures who's gone down there doesn't seem to be any interest in in seeking truth it's all about political advantage and it's unfortunate because it's whipping out exactly these kind of reactions armed reactions on the streets that is not a positive sign for lebanon let me just ask you have there in the cities enjoyed stability really for the last four years what's the atmosphere like what what are the fears now that chaos and violence could return now to lebanon. that's always been the case i think one thing i've found and i've been living now in lebanon for a year is that however much the various political factions push things. nobody
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really wants a replay of the civil war and or nor a replay of the assassinations that took place you know after two thousand and four so i think you know people do push things to the limit to to to a war but then they know when to stop today the circumstances may be different because you have you know the arab spring you have. huge military battles in neighboring countries that are spilling over into this country and you know things have come to have come to a crack in the region in terms of political blocs regionally and internationally you know staring each other down so if you know we're just briefly in lebanon spring then likely which some people want yes or no just briefly no i don't think so it's too early to say but i don't think lebanon has the upper type for that yet show me an iranian thank you very much right a particular political analyst covering the middle east there thank you very much indeed for your thoughts live from beirut. lebanon army and loyalist militias are
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preparing for the final sort on the city of bani walid where supporters of the old regime have been besieged for more than two weeks the deadly battle comes a year after the capture and death of longtime leader moammar gadhafi and the nato military campaign just to warn you some of the images we're about to show are graphic over a dozen people including children have been killed and many more injured in attacks during the blockade residents say they are short of medicine food and water the turmoil in bali will lead to seen as just one sign of the continuing disarray that has reigned in libya since the western backed revolt has. it's. a year after the killing of warmer khadafi not only has the new government that leave immediately illegal to criticize the february revolution of last year but a group of malicious affiliated with the country's defense ministry has been shelling parts of the current. which were considered khadafi strongholds that bombing it from the air and rockets because you would need was one of the towns which stood against the intervention of the outside world in body while the local
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media report that the strikes have killed around a dozen people including children but apparently the people of bani walid are not the only ones persecuted by various militia groups in libya we saw the total wiping out of the thirty thousand strong town or to want to go many are black libyans which the misrata brigades which are also laying siege to bani walid call themselves the brigades for the purging or black scheme it's such as a wonderful humanitarian and freedom loving. and discourse that they wiped out the town they've been chasing the people toward the civil war has left libya shredded in pieces with radical islamists taking advantage of the chaos basically what's happening is that in different cities here we pointed out the main one is tripoli benghazi is in town misrata each of them has their own army of their loosely united as the so-called libyan national shield at the same time they're not really under the control of the new defense ministry they're basically on their own according to
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various reports most of them are even suspicious of the new government in tripoli on top of that division we also have one hundred forty tribes in the country one hundred forty tribes many of them have long running grievances against each other and they're located very close to each other for example the town of bani walid that we mentioned in the report is not even two hours away from misrata so maybe all the food and lawlessness people in those places know anything can happen to them last year coalition forces armed lead to the t.c. in order to oust moammar gadhafi today the country is flooded with weapons of all kinds and estimated twenty million weapons are still freely circulating in libya that's in a country of six million people it's roughly three guns. person today there are multiple assassinations around benghazi different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes it's chaotic forces in libya well those are
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the weapons of the moment they have the chance is not to be just as eager to doubt tribal that well that indeed politics despite the ongoing atrocities and chaos up until this september washington had the revolution in libya check because the foreign policy victory for president obama after all the u.s. provided most of the foreign power which led to the capture and the killing of the leading leaders. yes we came we saw he died there. but only after the tragic attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the murder of the american ambassador did leave you come back into the spotlight it raises the question for the administration why didn't you see this coming if there was intelligence about the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame for messing up the arab spring president obama's most recent remarks suggested that his administration is not finished in libya we are going to find out who did this
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and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly of some five hundred people who will allegedly be training counterterrorism forces in libya also there are anonymous reports that the cia is asking for more drones specifically for not of this sounds new drone strikes training forces in foreign nations but past experience has shown when the u.s. goes about cleaning up a mess it often gets even messier in washington i'm going to. play through a lot of this talk to you but i knew she says that it was the implosion of central government a year ago that led to chaos and the influx of extremists. the involvement of western countries was the source of trouble for libya as a whole we have seen that the state has become this month all as happened in iraq
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and somalia wherever the nato has walked or u.s. troops are walked and in fact there is not all of law and libya the whole brought an al qaida and to libya and now into syria again it's the same was done and waldman with the support of but throw dollars from qatar and saudi arabia that is handing the country over to a group of fanatic criminals who are hell bent on blood torture slitting throats and what have you are bringing the country back into medieval darkness so. we have seen very clearly what these people are aiming to do they want to punish when there were leads for its stance against the invasion of libya by nato this is a form of collective punishment against the whole population for standing up for the end of pendants and the sovereignty of their country. you're with r.t.
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still to come in the program the israeli troops intercepting guards are bound both with international activist and humanitarian aid on board stopping the latest attempt to reach the blockaded enclave by sea plus. i'm warning you now if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you some different treatment a chilling warning to some top flight football a sinister threat send paintball rounds far to the russian premier league team by masked men that's after the break. this is day starts at five am in the winter tending to his flock of story hundred sheep in the mountains and plains of teavana thirty five years old it wasn't the life he hadn't studied accounting but she just. dictated that he would take on the
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care of these animals after his father. he's just made camp at their winter farm stead setting up his ute the traditional two fenian round tent made of diskin. back amongst his family and his job is a lonely one and tough going out in a way there's braving streams of plus to minus forty degrees celsius it's just that i'm with them there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and i spend a lot of time here. most of us simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they
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didn't take care of the sheep with all their heart they hurt the cattle. with new people leaving them coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of the herd and more attractive than promising largest producer and livestock and organizing cooperatives for the sale of day products to ensure the herd it gets a higher fair price i sympathizes with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life stay in the public's capital. but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life and looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm with more time on his hands he says matter of fact he can start to look for a new wife. the news continues here on r t tens of thousands of people to be marching through
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central london and anger against the painful austerity measures being forced on them prime minister david cameron recently warned of more painful decisions for the struggling economy sara first was among the crowds thousands of people have taken to the streets of london to. see much organized by the trade. is against the cuts they say. the economy that there are people from all over life there are nurses worried about the end there are police officers all feed all worried about cut from like services and amongst the people you see much think it's very many many families all across the age range but they've been affected in some way by the continued cuts my parents rely on me and i see because they can't get worse my son to stephen is paying nine grand to hearings. i work in the tree sector and legal aid is being called so we work with three hundred people and they won't
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be able to get the same help from the next year they just protect the rich they protect the interests of the rich i'm a bit unfair in the people who are it were marching against the cuts and she's marching for the future situations where a. marching say my future is banks now because it's not just britain that's been affected the whole start because of europe lloyd thanks the euro crisis rumbles all we see the stars yeah get taking great the specially in the last month in spain in greece old across the year i say to people simply saying that they've had enough here in london as we said possibly into the hundreds of thousands maybe even more that have come out here today to march against the austerity. one of the organizers of today's massive protests says britain's decision makers are completely out of touch with the plight of ordinary people. i just don't think the government understands the pain that the courts and their economic program have been in communities up and down the country whether it's public services that you use or
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value whether it's your job that you worried about the future living standards even those people who work a full on over the last two years people are hertz in and the courts work and they're not even in the government's own tend to not work in that deficit is going up because more people are out of where the benefits bill is going up the only way to really reduce the deficit is to get economic growth going again and the goodness austerity plan is failing to deliver economic growth we need to see people back at work investment in jobs investment in communities and their government lease it swallow its pride and go for plan because they just isn't working right if we're going to see lots of different forms of protest people campaign in their local communities to contain some cases that will mean people take in industrial action. where what you are coming live from the russian capital coming your way in just a few minutes from now. i mean if mitt romney wins i'm moving in canada. if that then but that. is in new york asking which presidential candidate is taking voters
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book since in the close race or whether the choice is out of the hands. of the israeli military has seized a boat on route to gaza or caring international activists and humanitarian aid it was the latest attempt to breach the blockade of the palestinian coastal territory imposed by israel five years ago and israeli raid of a turkish led to the tiller in two thousand and ten left nine activists dead and sparked international condemnation victoria strand from the firm behind the latest aid shipments says they'll continue their missions despite forceful israeli action . i was on a top two thousand and ten floaty i was not a swedish ship and this was a horrible attack on civilians. aren't. all people on board they are aware of the risk they are taking and they are doing. anyhow they are doing that because they want to show their solidarity to other people to people or to the
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palestinian singles are because of the palestinians also have you know if they are human beings they must have the same human rights as other people and so we have to challenge this siege as long as the international community doesn't do so you know w.h.o. to save the children united nation european union everyone says that the siege is counterproductive but no one is doing anything about it so we have to take civil action against. a new guide to ex-pat etiquette instant petersburg is raising eyebrows in a somewhat bizarre campaign to promote tolerance are supposed to help those coming to make a living in russia after it's under fire for its migrant stereotypes. plus out of the picture we report on spain's plans to ban filming for photographing the police at work. or not so warm
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welcome players from russian premier league football club the namo have been shelled with paint ball bullets during a training session they'll miss her but is deeply angered fans and players throughout russian soccer or he's under former explains what might be behind the attack. the club have issued a statement that says that these were the actions of idiots that unama fans have nothing in common with those that were involved but it is important also to stress that this has happened just a month through an extraordinary episode that happened at the training ground just as i say four weeks ago and then the club did allow some supporters to address the place and issue violent traits in the hope it would improve performances and results the whole thing was recorded and put on you tube which we translated for you. now listen now i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you some different treatment if we catch any of you in in a club enjoying yourselves the way garani and a boa sported doing doing all of you hang out all the time will be out of you right
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there on the sports the minute so i mean once you've heard that you perhaps can understand why they denominate feel disadvantaged in this image would come out day and state that some of the players are feeling frightened what's more the union for russian players and coaches says it believes the nama massacre was actually encouraged and were given the signal fans that it is ok to shoot threats to the players in addition to the pike the incident that took place on friday leaflets were also left at the ground showing the faces of poor in our midst foreign plays and alongside their faces were the words we do not want charity in the villages anymore it would be noble warnings to get rid of them so you can say sounds very intimidating stuff on the general point you could argue that perhaps the forum plays a show i like to get because they are amongst the highest in this club the number of fans that how well off are straight at the moment because it is it same with
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great history in russia but it has lost what it has only won three of the last nine games in the russian primarily in that d.c. the bottom in the table at the risk concern amongst the players for what's happened as we say over the last twenty four hours but also that. i mean on the back of that theory since it into were extraordinary incident which you call it it took place for their training ground last month. and reform reporting it's still a tough call as to who will win the u.s. presidential election so a lot hinges on monday's final t.v. debate artie's been in new york to ask whether the contender mitt romney has a chance to put a key swing state from under president obama's nose. electronic voting machines owned by a company with strong republican ties are set to count the vote in ohio which very well could determine the outcome of the two thousand and twelve us presidential election so is there a chance that mitt romney could steal this election this week let's talk about that
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do you think it's possible that mitt romney could steal the election i think it's very possible i think it's close and it's going to come down to the last minute so it's going to be something a little like that that could sway it which is unfortunate yeah and a lot of people don't even know about it they just think oh well he won so that that yeah you know what you can do about it all make sure you go vote for barack. and i will tweet about her right now so most people on the street they talk about i mean if mitt romney wins i'm moving the canada. it's that simple that simple one of my fittest houses one day they'd be a third party would win the election no it didn't matter it doesn't matter where the you know green libertarian conservative whatever just to break the halls of the two party system and if he's a she that wouldn't be a bad either right so i want to magically say he says no use to that but does it concern you that there's things like best in our country in general or sure of that
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kind of thing shouldn't shouldn't really happen. but i guess it does it happens a lot of places you don't ever find out about you know why don't we find out about this stuff why isn't there more transparency about what's really going on because like you say there's lots of money involved whether or not you think romney's going to steal the election the bottom line is those evoluting machines in ohio are owned and operated by a company whose employees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the romney campaign so they very well could be determining who wins ohio a state that often determines who wins the election. coming up in a few minutes from now iran's nuclear ambitions and what the country's real intentions could be that's after the break. wealthy british style. sometimes.
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markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. the gold fever. trends thousands into slaves. must follow but also among others involved in the monsoon and since i started working in amman i stated. food multinationals. to cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country gold medal logie has an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals you know in order to protect our lives our
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families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups what price is colombia going to pay. the price of the modest effect on r.t. .


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